TS Basic
TS Basic

Entry level solution for the first time user that has basic 2D parts.

Product Bundle

  • TS-Core
  • Designer-Linear 2D
  • Designer-Template Advanced

Target Audience: First time computer users or customers with extremely simple 2D parts

Brief Description

TS Enterprise is the combination of the TS Engineer and TS Fabricator software bundles. Take an XYZ or LRA print and convert it to YBC, LRA or XYZ data, or bring in CAD files via STEP (.stp) or IGES (.igs) and create the data needed for the benders. Several additional TS Designers are included to make simple or complex jobs easy to handle.

Component Details


This is the backbone of the TS features, libraries, settings, and calculations. In addition, TS- Core adapts the TS Designers and Plug-Ins for the product grouping. There are also open slots for additional TS Designers and Plug-Ins you may add in the future.

TS-Core screenshotThe following are some of the highlights in the TS-Core:

  • Video Help functions throughout the product.
  • Die Library including stretch calculation wizards.
  • Material Library including round, square and rectangular stock.
  • Manufacturing data; cut length, bend locations, bend angles, rotations between bends, straight tube lengths, bend lengths, and weight.
  • Display LRA, YBC or XYZ results.
  • Spring Back recording and calculations.
  • Verify double check your part design.

Designer Linear 2D

Designer-Linear 2D screenshotThis designer has the user click on a grid with their mouse to create a part. Tube and bend representation within the graphics is automatically handled from the die and material selected. After a part has been drawn out, length and angle adjustments can be made within the designer entry fields.

Designer - Template Basic

Designer Template BasicThis designer has a handful of predefined templates. A user selects the template that represents the desired part and then enters the values in the entry fields.