TS Fabricator
TS Fabricator

The machine operator will find powerful and easy-to-use 3D designers to reduce time and decrease scrap.

Product Bundle

  • TS-Core
  • Designer-Linear 2D
  • Designer-Linear Dynamic
  • Designer-Grapple
  • Designer-Template Advanced
  • Plugin-Simulation
  • Plugin-Manufacture Checking

Target Audience: For the machine opreator.

Brief Description

TS Fabricator has a set of powerful and easy to use designers and plug-ins for the machine operator. Its plug-ins will help the operator improve their setup time while decreasing scrap. Working in full 3D will show how your tube will go through the die before having to touch a piece of metal.

Component Details


This is the backbone of the TS features, libraries, settings, and calculations. In addition, TS- Core adapts the TS Designers and Plug-Ins for the product grouping. There are also open slots for additional TS Designers and Plug-Ins you may add in the future.

TS-Core screenshotThe following are some of the highlights in the TS-Core:

  • Video Help functions throughout the product.
  • Die Library including stretch calculation wizards.
  • Material Library including round, square and rectangular stock.
  • Manufacturing data; cut length, bend locations, bend angles, rotations between bends, straight tube lengths, bend lengths, and weight.
  • Display LRA, YBC or XYZ results.
  • Spring Back recording and calculations.
  • Verify double check your part design.

Designer Linear 2D

Designer-Linear 2D screenshotThis designer has the user click on a grid with their mouse to create a part. Tube and bend representation within the graphics is automatically handled from the die and material selected. After a part has been drawn out, length and angle adjustments can be made within the designer entry fields.

Designer-Linear Dynamic

Designer-Linear Dynamic screenshotThis designer is a full 3D designer that uses the simplicity of 2D. The user can grab the end of the tube with the mouse cursor and pull it across the screen, lengthening and shortening a straight section of tube. By double clicking on the end of a straight section you can add a bend. Grab the bend and change the angle and rotate the material between bends with the rotation rings. This interface is very efficient if you know the angles and rotations of your finished part.

Designer – Grapple

Designer-Grapple screenshotThis designer is a full 3D designer that can define the bend angles and rotations for you. The user grabs one of the grapple handles representing the six different directions and can give it a pull or push. As the grapple moves across the screen the tube will follow it in the same direction. Grab a different handle on the grapple and the tube will begin moving in that direction, giving it a 3D rise and run feel simulating the movement of a knight on a chess board. As this happens the software will adjust the angle and the rotation as needed.

Designer - Template Advanced

Designer-Template Advance screenshotThe Template Advanced group includes dozens of predefined shapes of the most commonly bent tubes. The user simply enters the dimensional values into the templates fields and the part is created. Many of the templates include outside and inside line of material for sizing along with the standard center line.

Plugin - Simulation

Plugin-Simulation screenshotThis Plug-in will show how your material will bend and rotate as it moves through the die. A user simply defines the bending type; clockwise, counter clockwise, rotary draw, rotary compression or center compression. You can zoom, rotate, and pan the screen as the action takes place. Simulation can be very helpful, especially with rotation descriptions and getting a general idea of what is happening during the bending process.

Plugin - Manufacturing Checking

Setup minimum length distance in your die description for the first straight length, the distance between bends, and the last or holding straight leg length. This is not collision checking but does offer a quick check to make sure the part has enough material between bends to be successful.